Pisogne: the Tower of the Bishop, the “witches”, the frescoes by Romanino

At the north end of Lake Iseo you can find the charming town of Pisogne, which is worth a visit for its beautiful lakefront, the picturesque alleyways, the eighteenth-century Parish Church, and the central square, surrounded by old arcades, on which stands the imposing medieval Bishop’s Tower.

Pisogne, whose name is linked to the memory of the tragic events of the so-called “witches Vallecamonica” of 1518, which took place right here, it houses works of art, such as the Romanesque church of S. Maria in Silva, and the beautiful Renaissance church S. Maria della Neve (S. Mary of the Snow). Within this you can admire the frescoes by Girolamo Romanino, one of the leading exponents of the so-called “school of Brescia “, forerunner of Caravaggio.

This unparalleled cycle of frescoes depicting the Passion of Christ, for their originality and their expressive power, is one of the cornerstones of Italian Renaissance painting, so much to be defined the “Sistine Chapel of the poor” by the famous italian writer and art critic Giovanni Testori.

Pisogne is a very lively town, with its many restaurants, bars and clubs and the numerous entertainment initiatives attract tourists throughout the year.