The Road of Romanino

Pisogne is the starting point for the so-called “Road of Romanino“, a path starting from the lake that continues within the Vallecamonica following the masterpieces of the famous painter.

After S. Maria della Neve in Pisogne, you proceed to the medieval village of Bienno, wonderfully preserved. Bienno, which hosts every summer a famous Fair, is the center of the “valley of hammers,” so named for the traditional wrought iron hammers driven by water mills. Some of them are still in operation and can be visited, as well as the old mill of the fifteenth century. In the church of S. Maria Annunciata (St. Mary of the Annunciation) is shown a series of frescoes by Romanino, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, along with other precious frescoes of the Renaissance period. Bienno is included in the list of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy and has obtained EMAS environmental certification.

Going further along the valley, meets Breno and his church of S. Antonio, now desecrated, whose impressive Renaissance architecture houses another cycle of the great painter of Brescia.