Iseo, the lakefront, Garibaldi, the church and the market

Iseo town is the “center” of Lake Iseo, renowned since ancient times for its commercial vocation, and still famous for its Friday market and the Great Fair on Good Friday (one of the few cases in


Very pleasant is the walk on his handsome lakefront where you will enjoy an enchanting view of the lower lake Iseo, with the Torbiere (swamps) in the background, and the island of Monte Isola.

Walking unhurriedly between the ancient picturesque alleyways of the old town you encounter ancient monuments, such as washrooms, the Arsenale, the ancient Castle of Oldofredi, the church Pieve of St. Andrea, a rare example of Romanesque architecture with its tall bell tower in the front, one of the few of its kind in Italy, and the pretty little church of S. Maria del Mercato (S. Mary of the Market) with its interesting votive frescoes.

Iseo during the Risorgimento (Italian indipence wars) was the cradle of patriots and and has the distinction of being the first Italian city to dedicate a monument to Garibaldi.

From Iseo you can embark on the boat route to Monteisola

Suggested Itinerary:

  • Visit Iseo, historical center and the lakefront, with line boat transfer to Sensole Monteisola
  • lunch, walk towards Peschiera on the promenade
  • visit of Peschiera and return to Iseo/Sulzano.